Your Body is Your Instrument

How much attention do you put to your body? And I do not refer to the inexhaustible attention that we put to the body parts that we wish we could change, enlarge, shrink, taper, lengthen, but to the energy that we entirely dedicate to this incredible mechanism that allows us to experiment sensations, flavors, colors, noises and emotions.

What if we learned to appreciate our body not for its shape, weight and consistency, but for its infinite intelligence? Focusing our attention to everything that our body does without the mind noticing is the first big step to begin appreciating and loving ourselves.

Perhaps for its simplicity, we have gotten used to perceive us a the sum of big components – body, mind and spirit. The reality is that these parts are inseparable, they integrate an indivisible unity that we have not been able de decipher despite the great evolution of science.

What if I told you that your body is a fountain of truth? Your body is a source of information from your past, your present and your future. It is the physical manifestation of your experiences, habits and thoughts. It is also your instrument, the most tangible tool that you have to optimize your experience, to learn, process and integrate your experiences in life.

We have the incredible capacity to tune our instrument, to perfect the mind-body-heart connection. In REVEL, the movement is the way in which we tune our instrument, it is how we celebrate the body and honor its intelligence.

We want to invite you to move for pleasure, joy, for claiming your liberty. Here, the movement is the guiding thread that allows you to perfect the connection between your body, mind and spirit. Through movement, your body transforms and circulates energy, processes and integrates experiences. The movement is the medicine, not a vehicle to alter the shape of your body, flatten your abdomen or shrink your thighs. Your body is already marvelous, celebrate it!


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