Who is Mary Carmen Naim?

¿Who is Mary Carmen Naim?

I am Mary Carmen Naim, Functional Medicine and Eating Psychology Coach by the Functional Medicine Institute of Chicago based on the fundamentals of Functional Nutrition and specialized  in “Nutrition Science” by Stanford University.

My main goal is to work with each person with an integral approach to mind, heart and body. The latter, by working on the 5 areas of Well Living, which will help you find a balance by achieving a change in your lifestyle that will make you feel and look good from the inside out.

These 5 areas are:

Nutrition. Based on the principles of Functional Nutrition. In what way what you eat can affect how you look and how you feel? 

Exercise or movement. The importance of exercise at a physical level, but also as an important factor to handling your emotions, helping you to reach your goals.  

Good quality sleep. When you sleep, all your hormones find an indispensable balance for you to achieve feeling and looking good. 

Stress management. How to learn how to deal with the different mental and physical stressors that could be stalling you? 

Emotional support. Working with everything that surrounds you and enters your organism, from the people you have around you, to what you see and listen to.

In REVEL we know that the road to self-discovery, of breaking old patterns and creating habits is not easy and you don’t have to do it alone. That is why I am here to walk beside you in this process of getting to know yourself better, of discovering what feels good in your body and to learn to listen to yourself. I am also here to talk about all your doubts, concerns, fears and anxieties on this process.

Mary Carmen


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