The Four Pillars of Revel

Revel is a physical, emotional, mental and espiritual practice that uses the body as an instrument to strengthen us, unblock energies, modify self-destructive patterns, liberate emotions, toxins and reconnect with our power and wisdom in order to learn to live in a celebration of liberty, and enjoyment of the present moment.

In Revel we use four basic elements that are fundamentals of the method:

  1. MUSIC: “There are 10 levels of prayer, above all of them is music”- Hasidic saying. The feeling of connection with others and with something bigger than us through the power of music is more ancient than language. The primitive power of rhythm, of music and the voice not only connects us with one another, but it also opens to us the door to heal, harmonize with the body, transform us, transcend and evolve. Through music and breathing we liberate our neurotransmitters that modify our physical chemistry and the nervous system, we enter a flow or trance state and we alter our consciousness to connect directly with our spirit.
  2. MOVEMENT: the movement is the conductive line that allows you to perfect the connection between your body, mind and spirit. Through movement your body transforms and circulates energy and processes and integrates energy. The movement is the MEDICINE. The movement improves your physical endurance, reduces pain and improves cognitive capacities. In Revel we move the most that we can and in different ways to achieve a state of total wellness by practicing with strength, resistance, intensity, flexibility and equilibrium.
  3. BREATHING: Everything breathes, breathing is what unites all creation. Patanjali, the creator of modern yoga, said “Breathing is the umbilical cord of the universe”. By being conscious of how we breathe and adjusting rhythm, depth and rate, we can change how we feel, how we heal and what we perceive and see. Breathing is one the most important tools that we have in order to change our mind, our emotions, and our body. The bridge between our body and our spirit is breathing, it is that simple. We breathe on average 15,000 to 30,000 times in a day, so we can forget about the quality every time we inhale and exhale and miss out on the great transformative power that exists if we breathe correctly. Focus on breathing through your nose, slowly and consciously. Inhale deeply and exhale slowly and completely. Your breathing is your compass, follow it.
  4. BODILY EXPRESSION: Your body is a fountain of truth. Connecting with our body, puts us in touch with an infinite fountain of wisdom, intuition, healing, connection and ecstasy. Your body is a source of information of your past, your present and your future. It is the physical manifestation of your experiences, habits and thoughts. It is also your instrument, the most tangible tool you have to optimize your existence, to learn, to process and integrate your life experiences. Our body expresses itself through emotions, feelings, pain, pleasure, sickness, intuition, and when we allow our body to take control and communicate, it moves the way it is supposed to move, our voice and noises come out the way we need them and it tells us what do we need in every moment. This is the wisdom with which we were born, and that we have been loosing through time. It is the moment to reconnect with it and honor it.

And that is how the synergic combination of MUSIC, MOVEMENT, BREATHING, and BODILY EXPRESSION, you strengthen, celebrate, unblock and liberate mental patterns and emotional conditionings. 

The result: a strong and healthy body, a clear mind and a free spirit. 

With love and gratitude, Ale 

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