The Bliss of Movement

A little while ago I was asked what kind of exercise do I recommend to obtain determined objectives (physical). An apparently simple question that made me think, and honestly, complicated my day. Because as we say in REVEL, we have to “walk the talk”.

The answer that I gave in that moment and that I share here is the following:“Practice the exercise that makes you happy, the exercise that makes your body vibrate, the one that makes you smile before and after doing it. That is and will always be the most efficient exercise”

In REVEL we constantly ask ourselves, in a society in which the cult towards the body might seem to go above every other cult, and what we actually have is a surplus of options, why is it so hard to be constant? why is it such an effort to take care of our body when we rationally know what is good for us?

Because the assumption is wrong, because we are destined to fail if the objective is to punish or torture ourselves, or if we want to change our essence. 

Today we want to put forward something  radical, we propose you to practice exercise as a way to honor and celebrate our body and we suggest you to move your body for the pure bliss of doing it, like when we were kids – without counting calories, kilograms, centimeters, or steps.

Let’s do it because movement offers us pleasure, identity, a sense of belonging, community and hope. Because movement allows us to reinvent ourselves and imagine what is possible, and also helps that social connection, so necessary in these moments, be easier.  

The possibilities – the transformative characteristics of movement – are there for each one of us if we are willing to wake up and surrender before them, if we put attention to our own experiences, if we learn to listen to our bodies.

There is no one way or recipe, but following your own bliss. That is the beauty of movement.

If you search or need guidance or a manual, it is the following: MOVE. However you want, wherever you want, in any quantity, and in any way that makes you happy. Move any part of your body that moves, and do it gratefully. Move on your own, move in community. Move in your house, move in a park. Move to the rhythm of music or in silence. Move physically or emotionally, move from one place and observe what it feels like, because when you embrace the metaphoric meaning of movement, you literally feel the inexhaustible and eternally available force that is within you.

Search for places, people, communities that inspire you and make you feel welcome. Give yourself permission to do what feels right and surrender in that blissful abandonment, because at the end of the day, that is REVEL.


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