The Audio Moment

We all have experienced it. Maybe you had not named it, but I am sure that as you read this post you will nod and surely smile because you will know exactly what I am referring to.

The Audio Moment… that instant of TOTAL ABSORPTION. It happens when you are listening to a song and you suddenly wrap yourself in and within the music and you realize that somehow you have been transported somewhere else and, that you are experiencing and feeling parts of you that you did not even know were yours.

It is the moment of absolute immersion in that beat, that rhythm, that melody in which all your senses sharpen, your body turns on and you can literally feel electricity running through your veins. Beat, beat, beat. And you close your eyes and the exterior world disappears and it is only you  and that song. Beat, beat, beat. The physical frontiers erase and the music fuses with you and you in it. You plug in. Beat, beat, beat. Your heart beats to the rhythm of the song, and it seems that your movements have a life of their own. Synergy and synchronicity. Goosebumps. Magic. Pleasure. Beat, beat, beat. And you want to cry. And you want to laugh. Beat, beat, beat. You want to explode. Beat, beat, beat. Orgasm.

And please, please, please dear Lord, let no one think about talking to me in this moment, and distract me from this trance….

You do know that I am talking about right?

And the best news? The Audio Moment does not discriminate by age, sex, religion, preference, whether you have a great rhythm or if you are looking for it, above all, it does not judge your musical taste, it can be found in a cumbia or in Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. So, Maluma lovers, don’t you worry!

So as soon as you finish reading this post (do not wait any longer), wherever you are, look up for that song ( mine in this moment is: Sleep, For the Weak! by Lost Frequencies… in case you need to borrow one), play it on high volume, close your eyes and allow yourself to absorb it. I wish you this and a million more Audio Moments!


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