Thank You So Much!

All the projects in this life start with an idea, a vision, truly the dream of a few. But for this dream to materialize it is required, as it is often said, of a whole village. And what a village has Revel found! 

As we have expressed between us, we smiled to the universe and the universe has smiled back to us. And now there is nothing left but to be grateful.

Breaking with the norm, we will start by thanking ourselves. For having had the value and strength to leave our comfort zone and stepping up to the boxing ring, to expose ourselves and be vulnerable. For daring to light up, burn into ashes, and be reborn once and once again until the last time. 

The next acknowledgments do not follow any order, all the people mentioned here are essential inhabitants of our village.

To Rosa and Alejandro, for giving me life and teaching me the values of family, humility, gratefulness, loyalty and integrity.

To Max and Vic, brothers, friends, unconditionals, accomplices, partners of so many laughter, tears, dreams, stories, dances.

Maruca, Gualo, Eduardo and Juanen, because for you I know what love feels like in its purest form, without agenda. And no good project can flourish without it. 

To Roberta and Carola for being my pride, my inspiration and my motor; my best friends, teachers and mirrors; thank you for choosing me as your mother and embracing my craziness. Thank you for sharing the excitement for REVEL. You motivate me everyday to just BEING the best version of myself. 

Loren and Vic, if this is about creativity… you are my greatest and best creation. Thank you for repeating me a lesson once and once again with so much compassion and patience. For your musical recommendations. For knowing what a free movement is.

Miguel, my love, my accomplice, my anchor, my lighthouse, my rock, my touch tree. I lack the words to thank you for the containment, the patience, the support and the love… I know I have not been easy, and I am thankful everyday for having a partner that lets me grow and spread my wings. Life is delicious shared and relished with you.  

To Rafo, my partner and love of many lives. Thank you for your infinite love. For giving me the freedom to fly, holding me when I fall, and encouraging me to fly again. Thank you for walking and growing together, for reminding me who I am and what is important in life. I learn form you everyday, I love you forever!

Moi, our sensei. For your relentless feedback, for so many uninterested contributions, for the delicious hours, for pulling our ears, for the containment and the security net we have built. For making it yours. 

Rafo, Miguel and Víctor, not just for tolerating, but also for having actively participated in the “Mono Theme”.

Marisa and Luli, for having connected so profoundly with Revel. For having learned the local language, and helped us translate it. For the wings.

 Karla, Gerardo, Olivia, Hugo, for their art.

To the first followers.

With all our love and appreciation,

Ale and Bea

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