Reinvent Yourself From The Inside Out

REVEL … according to the dictionary:  lively and noisy enjoyment, joyful abandonment.

What does it mean to you?

In my opinion, it takes me immediately to this: to create something new, to give myself permission to explore new options, REINVENT MYSELF. But overall, to do it from the inside out in MIND, HEART and BODY.

That is why I welcome you with a fundamental subject for REVEL, HOW TO REINVENT MYSELF BY GENERATING A NEW HABIT?

I have two news for you, a good one and a bad one.

First the bad one because it is the one we always choose, a “bad” habit never erases from your system. The good one is that you can create new habits that take the place of others that are not so good and leave them in oblivion.

I know! You have tried a thousand times and you always end up giving up. That is why I leave you here 5 basic tips that will help you a lot so that in the end you can do it automatically ( just like when you get in your car and put on the seatbelt without noticing).

But first you should know, why is is so hard to break with a habit? It is not because you lack willpower. Generally, you repeat the habits because they are based on pleasure, and that is why they are particularly hard to break. The agreeable behavior makes your brain liberate dopamine ( I call it the healthy drug), which gives you an instant sensation of pleasure and reward that keeps strengthening the habit and creating the desire to do it again. The bright side is that this pattern is also generated by good habits.

Lookup for a good habit that substitute the bad one. It will be much easier because in that way you will occupy the place of the bad habit.

Do not get stuck up with time. Even thought it generally takes you from 21 days to 3 months to create a new habit, this ONE SIZE FITS ALL APPROACH does not apply. You are unique and irreplaceable and you have different needs. Be patient.

Focus in changing one habit at a time and do it little by little. Take little and real steps forward.

Accept yourself as perfectly imperfect and if suddenly in the way towards generating a new habit your have a fall, get up, get better and think that everything you did does not get erased.

And the most important … you already decided to change … you are halfway through the path.


Mary Carmen


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