Our Intentions Create Our Reality

“An intention is the starting point of any dream. It is the creative power that satisfies all our needs, wether they are material, emotional or espiritual.

Everything that happens in the universe starts with an intention. Deciding to buy a birthday gift, moving your big toe, phone calling a friend, everything starts with an intention.” – Deepak Chopra

REVEL is born from the intention of creating a space to celebrate and share. Celebrating life and sharing experiences/tools that help us grow and live fully. We believe that intentions are powerful, the drawback is that we are frequently unaware of them or we forget them. 

In order to have a physical and visual reminder, we decided to manifest our intention with an altar. An altar is the representation of our purest ideals and aspirations, in a sense, it symbolizes the final objective of our practice.  Our altar is with us in all the classes and it reminds us of the intention that gave a start to the dream that today we have the deepest joy and privilege to share with you. 

Our altar is comprised of four main elements: a figure of Ganesh, that represents wisdom and abundance, and reminds us our natural capacity to overcome obstacles; a candle, that symbolizes the light of awareness and drives us to self observe with love and depth; an amethyst, that representes our capacity to heal and transform; and also flowers, that remind us of the beauty, magic and temporality of life, and invite us to be present and enjoy every moment.

We want to invite you to practice REVEL with INTENTION, to create your altar or space with the elements that will help you to have your dream, your highest ideal, always present. If we combine our will with a clear and pure intention, magical changes happen. Remember, we create our reality with our intentions.


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